ESRG - was founded in 2004 under the aegis of the German Association for Chemical Distributors. ESRG is an international group of professional members engaged in a wide range of solvent recovery activities. The aim is to promote the safe and economic management of post-use solvents.* *Source -    


VCH - The roots of the German Chemical Distribution Association (Verband Chemiehandel or VCH) reach back more than 100 years. In Berlin in 1903, the "Verein der Drogen- und Chemikaliengroßhändler" (Society for Wholesalers of Drugs and Chemicals) was founded with the aim of strengthening the position of both the individual members - and also the whole sector - by a cooperation between similar firms. Today, domiciled in Cologne, the VCH represents the production-connecting chemical distributors…


Responsible Care - The global initiative Responsible Care represents the will of the chemical industry, regardless of legal requirements, to strive for a continuous improvement of the companies in the areas of environment, safety and health and as well to demonstrate this progress regularly in public. With Responsible Care, the chemical industry would like to make a contribution to the solution of the global (environmental) problems in the fields that are in their area of responsibility and control.…