RABOCHEM operates in the international cross-border trade and offers a wide range of services on the chemical market. The focus of our activities is in the field of solvents with respect to the sometimes very specific requirements of our customers. Although our current offer includes the sale of a variety of solvents, RABOCHEM is specialized in offering as well as developing the best solutions for the needs of our partners by the combination of the following areas:

  • - raw materials
  • - distillation
  • - recycled technically pure as well as 2-component product mixtures
  • - mixtures of planned and required formulations
Bottling / Packaging:

- from the 500 ml can to the railway car load with 50 tons of weight


- timing of loading and unloading
- road, rail, ship


RABOCHEM pursues long-term business relations with their partners, where many of them are both suppliers as well as customers. As a key factor for success, the company puts into practice the values of reliability, as well as openness towards her partners. As a member of the recycling community we contribute to saving resources in accordance with the local laws.

RABOCHEM have been present on the market for nearly 40 years. During these years, the company developed from a central European specialist for recycled chlorinated solvents to an internationally active partner in the market for chemistry concerning specialties, including raw and of recycled solvents, the management of solvent flow and the international marketing of specialty chemicals. RABOCHEM are always an active partner in the development of solutions during the whole life cycle of solvent-based materials.

For many years, Rabochem have been a member of the European Solvent Recycling Group (ESRG), Brussels, as well as the Association of Chemical Trade (Verband Chemiehandel, VCH), Cologne. They are also a member of the global "Responsible Care" program.